NFT Fusion

PEA Team understands what it feels like to break the Soul Stone many times and still not have high level warriors, so the NFT Fusion feature was introduced. With the Fusion Feature, players can combine low-level warriors into a higher-level warrior and then use these warriors to participate in other features such as Farming or Fighting with higher profits.

The Rule of Fusion

  • Players must own at least 2 warriors with the same name, same level Players must have enough
  • 3000PEAX to pay the fee if using Fusion and 10,000PEAX to pay the fee if using VIP Fusion Success
Success RATE of VIP Fusion = Success RATE of Fusion + 10%

Success RATE of Fusion

Level of Warrior
Success Rate of Fusion
Level 1 to Level 2
Level 2 to Level 3
Level 3 to Level 4
Level 4 to Level 5
Level 5 to Level 6