PRELAX Battle Online (PvP)

With online PvP battle mode, players will be able to fight to win rewards from the enemy side. In the game, you will be able to choose a Solo Battle mode or Team Battle mode to show your skills as well as your level

How to install

How to deposit and withdraw PEA into the game

Users need to go to the website: and deposit the amount of PEAX what users want to use in PvP Battle
Note: user need to HOLD at least 100000PEAX and have other 2000PEAX to join 1 battle

How to log in

  • Click "Sign" and users will see the QR code
  • Use "QR code" in Mobile Game to scan the QR code and Log into the game (User can download the QR code for the next login

Game mode

New Rules:

💥Solo mode (Free Killing)

❗️There are total of 6 people in one battle
❗️Top 3 winners will receive a reward:
- Top 1 receive 276PEAX reward
- Top 2 receive 180PEAX reward
- Top 3 receive 84PEAX reward
❗️The losers will not lose anything

💥Team mode (Team deathmatch)

❗️There are total of 6 people in one battle
❗️Winner team will receive 180PEAX reward per one member of team
❗️The losers will not lose anything