There are 4 warrior tribes are protecting the PEA kingdom day and night: The Unicorn Assasin (Unias) in the East, The Dragon Knight (Drani) in the West, The Scepter Warrior (Septer) in the South & The Cannon Hunter (Canier) in the North.

The Unicorn Assasin (Unias)

With a dense mountainous terrain, it is understandable that the Unias is the leading clan in the East. Mastering weapons from darts, swords, sharp claws... Unias has the ability to assassinate, maneuver and fight in flexibility. At the highest level, Unias owns a pair of Dart Swords that are extremely flexible, which can be shields when defending and swords when attacking or even dart pieces when Unias want to destroy enemies from a long distance

The Dragon Knight (Drani)

This clan was initiated with just a dragon trainer. After centuries of training and taming, the strength and skills of Drani was getting stronger and stronger. The highest level of Drani is the Fusion Drani. At the highest level, the Fusion Drani is completely covered by a layer of golden dragon scales which is impenetrable by sword or spear, limits a lot of damage. Fusion Drani can also fly in the air thanks to the dragon wings. With the duo dragon sword technique, the Dragon Knight is the undefeated leader in the Western land

The Scepter Warrior (Septer)

"Simple" and "Effective" are the two best words to describe about Scepter Warrior. In this Northern land, each Septer must be physically trained from an early age to be able to use his weapon, which is his heavy long scepter. Iron epter, steel scepter, jade thorn scepter, golden scepter, dragons' head scepter and the god of scepter at the highest level

The Cannon Hunter (Canier)

The only female clan, but thanks to hard work and training, Cannon Hunter still emerges in the North and is on par with the other clans. Their physical strength was compensated by their state-of-the-art weapons. At each level, Canion has a hand cannon with huge damage. At the highest level of God Cannon (the level 6), besides the current upgraded cannon, Canion also has an additional cannon with the ability to shoot accurately from a long distance and discharge bullets extremely fast, which can easily destroyed 10 targets in the blink of an eye